Audition (comedy)

Trailer for ALEX, a psychological thriller. I play a young woman who makes a choice that may have cost the lives of her friends. Coming soon!

Dramatic Reel

Dr. Parker, “Behind Closed Doors” (Dir: Addisyn Thuerck)

DNA Scientist, "The Rift Among Us All" (Dir: Carlos Benitez, Hines Park Productions)

Beth, "Squalid" (Dir: Addison Worthington, NYU Tisch)

My take on Shauna from "The Mindy Project." (Workshop with Jill Pettigrew.)

Cher, "MOONLALA" (Dir: Kyle Patrick McGrath, NYU Tisch)

Simone, "You're My Superhero" (Dir: Chris Stauffer; Prod: Raymond Turturro)